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Team Britannia signs global TV deal

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Team Britannia has clinched its first major TV deal with the Discovery Channel. Filmed by UK-based Lime Pictures and due for broadcast early next year, the 10 part series will feature the development, construction and testing of the team’s unique round-the-world powerboat, looking at the innovative products and science behind the £2.9 million circumnavigation record attempt. The Discovery Channel broadcasts in 170 countries with a global audience of more than half a billion.

The round the world boat is a completely new design from Professor Bob Cripps, former Technical Director of VT Halmatic. Constructed out of marine grade aluminium, it encompasses “an exceptionally efficient hull” which will cut fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent. In addition to the design, the vessel will be powered by a revolutionary fuel emulsion, a mixture of diesel, water and emulsifying agent from SulNOx Fuel Fusions. This will reduce harmful emissions such as particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. The effects of the emulsified fuel on the engines and the emissions will be monitored for the duration of the voyage and the results published online.

“Securing this TV deal with the highly respected Lime Pictures and Discovery Channel,” said Team Britannia principal Alan Priddy, “shows the potential of the project, and how everyone involved is pushing the boundaries of science and engineering.”

“We have an incredible story to tell, including the knocks. The previous design and hull, which was destroyed by fire and the short delay in this construction while the final elements of financial support have been secured will all be covered. But against these, there have been the many achievements and then the human stories of the crew, especially the wounded servicemen and women who will be joining us.”

As part of the deal, Lime Pictures will embed a cameraman/woman on board the boat during UK sea trials, where the boat will be tested both empty and fully laden, before completing two 1500-mile circuits of the British Isles.

“The whole team is very excited by the news of the deal with Lime Pictures and the Discovery Channel,” Alan continued. “We have a top production company and broadcaster to record everything we are doing up to the start of the record attempt in November. They will have free and unfettered access to the project at every stage, including the crew, so those watching will get a true sense of why this particular record remains one of the toughest, and why it has only been attempted three times before.”

100 million people…

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

The past week’s press coverage for Alan Priddy’s round the world powerboat Team Britannia has been truly staggering. In the UK alone we hit three major national newspapers – the Sunday Times, Daily Mail and The Sun, along with Metro (regarded by some as almost a national), and numerous regional dailies. But our story has also been taken up by newspapers and boating magazines all over the world. A rough readership estimate would suggest around 100 million people are now aware of what we’re going to do next year.

Ironically, all of this was achieved using a graphic of the previous boat – the one we started to build which had to be scrapped after a fire in 2012. That’s one of the drawbacks in trying to run something global in scale while still attempting to earn a living! Now we have a new graphic which is rather closer to what you’ll see powering around the world next year. Not so much “torpedo”, more “Battlestar Gallactica”…

The first of the month saw us assembled in London for the Ship Efficiency conference, where we announced our partnership with SulNOx Fuel Fusions plc, the details of which you can read about in my preceding blog. Apart from the still photos shot by powerboat photographer Chris Davies, we also have a short video produced and presented by Jake Kavanagh, which you can see here.

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Team Britannia – powered by SulNOx eco fuels

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

October 1st dawned rather grey and damp in London, and for some of us, it required an extra early start – for travelling, and to get Team Britannia crew member Paul Sleightholm’s Scorpion RIB out of the Thames and onto a trailer. Parked in front of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre within spitting distance of the Houses of Parliament, it would provide a dramatic demonstration of the benefits of SulNOx, the incredible pollution-busting fuel emulsion produced by Team Britannia’s new partner.

SulNOx were participating in the Fathom Ship Efficiency event at the conference centre, so we were going to be doing it in front of precisely the right kind of audience. There were moments of humour, too – crew members eschewing the privacy of the Men’s Room to strip off tops and change into Team Britannia / SulNOx shirts in the wide open space of the conference centre lobby, and someone (no names, no pack drill) causing one of the lifts to behave somewhat erratically. We even discovered that there is such a thing as a free lunch after all, when we tucked into a very tasty buffet provided for the conference delegates.

There were two demonstrations of SulNOx. With two fuel vessels rigged up, the RIB engine was started up on standard red diesel, belching the usual black smoke and horrible smell. And as SulNOx director Stephen Bamford pointed out, it was also belching out odourless but poisonous Nitrous Oxides. Within a minute or so of switching the feed over to SulNOx fuel, the black smoke and odour disappeared, and the engine was running smoother. And while there are lots of results of scientific tests to back up the impressive claims for performance, there’s no doubting that a simple and very visual demonstration such as this can convince most people. In a world becoming increasingly conscious of the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels, SulNOx is without doubt a game-changer, and Team Britannia certainly looks forward to highlighting that fact next year in the ultimate boating challenge.

Still reeling slightly from the monumental worldwide media coverage we gained over the weekend, we were nevertheless looking to exploit further opportunities. As Team Britannia project leader Alan Priddy was being wheeled over to the Westminster broadcast studios in Millbank to do an interview for the BBC, we got word that London Mayor Boris Johnson might possibly be visiting the QE2 centre on an unrelated matter, so we decided it would be a good ploy to try and ambush him with a SulNOx brochure, and I would capture the moment on camera. Sadly our long wait outside proved fruitless, and so I missed Alan’s speech to the conference inside, which others described as inspiring, or the moment he signed the contract with SulNOx to cement our relationship.

For most of us in the team, the day was also an opportunity to meet for the first time the people behind SulNOx, and to appreciate the passion they have for a product which could quite literally change the world. I know my brother, who visited the Isle of Mann TT races during the 60s and 70s, would be envious to think that I’d met world champion and six-times TT-winning motorcycle racer James Redman MBE.

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