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Crew member revealed

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

When I went around the world on Spirit of Cardiff in 2002, we started out as a crew of four, which due to unfortunate circumstances ended up as a crew of three. Driving a small powerboat 24 hours a day in extremely arduous conditions took a heavy toll on the three of us. We suffered from serious sleep deprivation to add to the injuries we were sustaining, and we ended up physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

No such problems, we hope, with the super-boat in which we will attempt the Circumnavigation Record next year. Alan Priddy has designed a boat big enough to hold a maximum of 12 people. The plan is to have a permanent complement of eight, which will actually be two crews of four, with the other four spaces basically up for grabs from sponsors, either for one leg of the trip, or the whole thing.

Shelley Jory

Shelley Jory

As we’ve finally let the cat out of the bag on our Circumnavigation Record 2011 Facebook page, I guess I might as well reveal the name of one crew member whom I’ve no doubt will create a little stir amongst the media once we get going.

Shelley Jory-Leigh runs a successful Hampshire business specialising in bridal wear. More to the point, she is British Powerboat Champion, and the top female powerboat driver in the world. She might find the offshore expedition style of powerboating a little different from blasting around in a Formula 1 powerboat, but her grit and determination to succeed will be worthy assets for us.

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