Having a Kindle Christmas

As sales of download books have this year for the first time outstripped those of the printed word, and with the all-new Kindle likely to find its way into many a Christmas stocking, I should perhaps add another little plug for the Kindle edition of my e-book “One of our Balloons is Missing”, advertised on my home page.

It’s a compilation of some of my more outlandish travel stories over three decades, starting off with one of the earliest, from a 300 mile backpack across the Scottish Highlands from Ardnamurchan Point to Buchan Ness, concentrating on the night I slept in a haunted bothy! But things become a little more adventurous with my 90mph ride in a four-man bobsleigh down the Olympic Bob Run in St Moritz, not to mention descending 100ft to the very muddy bottom of Windermere in the English Lake District in a high-tech submersible. Even at that depth, it’s pitch dark, and all the more exciting when the sub sank into the mud, becoming momentarily stuck when it tried to blow the tanks to surface!

The title story is all about my participation in the first ever hot air balloon meeting in Soviet Russia. Apart from the excitement of flying in a balloon in the kind of conditions which would have been deemed illegal anywhere else, I also had the fun of giving my KGB minder the slip. Maybe I should have been a spy!

Clive Tully’s “One of our Balloons is Missing” is available from Amazon’s Kindle Store priced £3.16 (North America and European stores priced separately).

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