2012 is just around the corner

If you’ve been reading my blog on a fairly regular basis, you’ll have probably noticed that a fair amount of it for the best part of this year has been taken up with news of my forthcoming attempt at powerboating around the world in a unique aluminium boat with ocean adventurer Alan Priddy.

Had things gone to our original plan, the boat would have been finished by now, and indeed we would have also completed the circumnavigation – hopefully in a record time. But we’ve had a few delays along the way, both in the technicalities of building the boat (design and method of building are unique), and in raising the considerable amount of sponsorship required not just to build the boat and run the project, but to guarantee its life for five years. Not the easiest thing to do in the teeth of a recession!

So it’s rather gratifying to be able to report that the Circumnavigation Record team will be at the 2012 London Boat Show in force on press day, when we make a BIG announcement. Actually, there will be more than one big announcement. And without giving anything further away right now, what it means is that come next month we will be blitzing the rest of the build in order to get the boat in the water by the spring. 2012 is indeed going to be a very exciting year!

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