…to my new website, and welcome to my blog. As a journalist specialising in travel and the outdoors, you might think that I’d keep my views strictly to those subjects, but that would be too easy. Whilst I don’t intend to let it degenerate into a succession of “Grumpy Old Man” posts, I do have strong views on matters outside my professional remit, and every now and then I may just give vent to them.

And one of them is, I suppose, the reason for this new site and blog. Traditional publishing is gradually becoming eclipsed by the internet. And while it’s possible for pretty much anyone to become their own web publisher these days, it certainly doesn’t mean there are lots more decent writers out there. The sad truth is that much of what you find on the web is bland, cobbled together by semi-literates unable to write anything that’s concise, grammatically correct, properly spelt, and yet still informative and entertaining.

So if you happen to find yourself here because you feel you might need someone with the ability to do more than just string words together, do please take the time to browse the rest of my site. And if you like what you see, drop me a line.

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