There are all sorts of things I could have blogged on today – not least the fact that my new MP is the youngest Member of Parliament, and whose landslide election has predictably thrown Gordon Brown and his minions into disarray. A nice little present before they all slope off for their extended holidays…

But what amazes me the most is reading about the unfortunate woman from Swindon who bought a lottery ticket, dropped it on the supermarket floor, and then someone else cashed in the £30,000 prize it was lucky enough to win. She was able to prove she was the purchaser, and the people who picked up the ticket and claimed the prize were rightly convicted of theft.

So why is it she has had to go to court in order to get a judge to rule on whether or not she can get her hands on the remaining cash not blown by the thieves? Shouldn’t the money have just been handed over?

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