Staggering under the weight of paper

As a resident in the Norwich North constituency, it’s been pretty hard to escape the attention of all the parties canvassing for my vote in the forthcoming by-election. I’ve exercised my democratic right ever since I was old enough to vote, but this election is like no other.

In the past, I’ve been lucky to receive one election communication through my letterbox for each of the parties standing. This time it’s been a veritable tsunami of leaflets. There’s no doubting the significance of the Norwich North by-election, because essentially it’s going to be the General Election that Gordon Brown doesn’t want to call.

But do they really think I’m going to change my mind if they hit me with enough promotional material? Conservative candidate Chloe Smith is way out in the lead for the amount of paper produced. And while I admire her tenacity, there comes a point when further leaflets plugging her candidacy make my eyes glaze over. Still, the recycling bin has been doing well out of it. But I am looking forward to viewing the DVD produced by independent candidate Craig Murray, and mailed to all 80,000 voters. That strikes me as far more likely to catch my attention than a mountain of leaflets.

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