When size can be a problem

As the building of Alan Priddy’s round the world powerboat number two comes closer we’ve discovered all manner of unexpected logistical details which have to be factored in.

For example, Henshaw, the company which puts the inflatable tubes on RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) would normally expect a boat to be delivered to their factory in Somerset for the tubes to be attached. Only trouble is, their factory is more used to handling RIBs up to around 11 metres. There aren’t too many RIBs bigger than that, and catering for a boat 25 metres long wasn’t in their game plan. So they will manufacture the tubes in Somerset, and then bring them to the place in the Midlands where the boat is going to be built.

And it so happens that there may be a slight transportation problem once it’s finished. Twice the maximum permissible length to be towed along a road on a trailer, and not that close to any water. So we may need to be a bit creative in order to get her feet wet. RAF heavy lift Chinook helicopter, perhaps?

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