Long time coming

Isn’t it strange how sometimes things come together at the same time? Today a feature I researched ages ago in the middle of last year finally saw the light of day in the Sunday Mirror. Mind you, it did have a chocolate theme, so when better than just before the great chocfest of Easter to publish it?

And last week, things also took a significant step forwards with Alan Priddy’s next round the world powerboat. It’s tempting to call it son of Spirit of Cardiff, but of course boats are traditionally female, so I guess it has to be a daughter. Not a great deal of similarity between the two, anyway. More to the point, while it’s been designed for many months, at long last we will be in a position to go ahead with building the boat in the very near future.

When Alan and I attempted to break the round the world record eight years ago, it stood at just under 75 days (set in 1998 by the multi-million pound superboat Cable and Wireless Adventurer). A couple of years ago that was knocked down to 61 by the New Zealand carbon-fibre boat Earthrace. Our target is 40 to 45 days! Apart from taking back a world record which most definitely ought to be BRITISH, it also means that for the first time ever a powerboat will have gone around the world faster than the fastest sailing record (Bruno Peyron, Orange II, 50 days 16 hours 20 minutes, in 2005).

So how is it going to be possible to knock such a huge lump off the record? Maybe I’ll leave that for another blog – chances are it won’t be too long. And perhaps the most sobering thought is that pretty much by this time next year I’ll be writing about it all in the past tense!

For now, I can only speculate that once the boat is built (it’ll take around two months), she’s in the water and we’ve stretched her legs a bit, that the public will take her to heart and support our endeavour. In the meantime, for Alan Priddy and me, this is something that’s been a long, long time coming. But now it’s getting close.

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