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Funnily enough, my middle name begins with “V”, but Vlogger isn’t it! As part of keeping Team Britannia’s new website constantly moving, I’m endeavouring to update it with words, images and video. Apart from the TV documentary about Spirit of Cardiff’s epic voyage around the world in 2002, that includes a couple of vlogs from me, which Team Britannia skipper Alan Priddy wants to see become more of a regular thing.

I was told many years ago by a TV producer that he thought I had a “great face for radio”, words which at the time stung somewhat as they fell upon my ears. As it happened, I was already doing a lot of radio, and I’d hoped to make a break into telly. And while part of me grudgingly agreed with him, I nevertheless proved him wrong by appearing in a string of TV travel, outdoors and leisure programmes, including a BBC travel show called “The Great Escape” hosted by Nick Knowles!

Even so, I guess I’ve felt somewhat more comfortable behind a camera rather than in front, but in the interests of promoting Team Britannia, my reservations have to take a back seat – not least because I know that once we get our boat in the water and take it around the world, I’m going to be appearing in front of TV cameras a lot!

So, as rough and ready as they are, the vlogs will probably be a good way of easing me back into limelight mode. This latest one from last month was shot in my office, and features Team Britannia’s eco-fuel partner Clean Fuel Ltd.

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