Team Britannia runs on Clean Fuel

I haven’t posted about Team Britannia for some time, but that’s not to say we haven’t been busy. Things have been progressing so quickly it’s hard to keep up! In the last three months we’ve changed tack on the way the project is funded by adopting what you might call self-sponsorship.

Team Britannia principal Alan Priddy has set up a company called Clean Fuel Ltd, promoting the idea of using emulsifiers to allow you to mix water with fuel for a low-pollution burn. And while there are other companies tinkering with the concept, they all seem to be relying on chemists, where what it actually required to make it work properly was an engineer! Alan Priddy has made some important (patent pending) modifications to an existing homogeniser unit, producing a piece of kit which is both affordable and portable.

It makes an important difference for Team Britannia inasmuch as Alan Priddy’s modified homogeniser will be small enough to carry on board the boat, so instead of refuelling at every stop with treated fuel, we simply fill up with standard diesel, which we mix with desalinated seawater and eco-friendly emulsifier as we go. This has never been done before, so it’s another exciting technological aspect which we’ll be showcasing as we power around the world after that record!

While we are now finally close to the point where construction of the boat can begin, the delays over the last few months means we would be pushing it to be ready to set off any time this year, let alone our original November 1st target. The clincher actually came after studying the weather. This year has been an El Niño year, and the effects in the Pacific (and indeed, worldwide) have been the strongest in two decades. The summer has seen a record number of typhoons, and for the first time ever, three category four hurricanes appeared in the Pacific at the same time. As if that isn’t enough, scientists predict El Niño will intensify from September. They’re agreed on the fact that it will carry over into the early part of next year, but not on when it will finish – some say February, some say April.

For our purposes, an attempt to circumnavigate the world can only be made in spring or autumn, so we will now be aiming to set off in March 2016.

Team Britannia has just launched an amazing new website, which when the circumnavigation record attempt takes place, will stream live video, along with performance data from the boat, weather conditions and even bio-data from each crew member. Then you’ll be able to guess whether or not I’m asleep! You can also follow Team Britannia on Facebook.

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