Round the world powerboat

I haven’t posted anything about the round the world powerboat project for some time, because there hasn’t been anything to say. We did have a close shave earlier on this year when we thought we finally had funding for the project, but while the people themselves were very nice, it wasn’t the right deal for us. Since then, project leader Alan Priddy has been extremely busy with a string of negotiations, culminating with some good news.

At long last we have a main backer, which means it won’t be too long before we start building our amazing Professor Bob Cripps designed boat. I can’t tell you the name of the backer at the moment, because they won’t be announcing it themselves for a few weeks. And with a six month building programme, it does mean we’re not going to make a spring 2015 attempt on the record, so it has to shift back to November next year. On the plus side, it will allow extra time for sea trials and ironing out any wrinkles before the world record trip.

Hopefully the build will have already started by the time our backers make their announcement, and then the updates will be coming thick and fast. In the meantime, if you want to join us on this momentous voyage, you can do so via Faceboat.

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