Memoirs of a Record-Breaker

My portfolio of Kindle publications has been added to with another book about the powerboat Spirit of Cardiff. And while my books “Confronting Poseidon” and “Blogging all over the world” might best be regarded as concentrating on the actual experience of round the world powerboating, “Memoirs of a Record-Breaker” reminds us that Spirit of Cardiff actually amassed more official UIM world records than any other boat in history.

Told through five full-length features originally written for newspapers and magazines, it traces the three attempts at the Round British Isles record, the 2001 New York to Lizard Point transatlantic (the record for which still stands, 12 years on), around the world in 2002, and the final transatlantic in 2003 which set an unofficial record for the fastest ever transatlantic in a RIB (which came after the events covered in “Confronting Poseidon”).

On sale in Amazon UK for a miserly 77p, “Memoirs of a Record-Breaker” makes perfect reading for anyone interested in boating, adventure, or indeed those who appreciate the philosophy of never giving up!

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