AA updates

The last month has seen me out and about with my walking boots on, updating a batch of walks for the AA’s book “50 walks in Norfolk”. I last updated Norfolk for AA Publishing just over five years ago, and while some of the walks I’m doing this time around are different from the previous exercise, some are the same ones. It’s been interesting to see where changes have taken place – in the most part, improvements such as better defined footpaths, new gates or stiles, and new signposts.

But such is the life of a walking writer having to fit in with the mysterious world of publishing deadlines, all the walks had to be done now in a fairly compressed timescale. So most of my days out have been in pretty grim weather, although I did get one day at Blakeney where the freezing fog lifted for a few hours, so I was out in the marshes in spectacular rosy sunlight. A few more days like that would have been rather nice.

As soon as the walking revisions are out of the way, I’ll still be keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather to make an appearance, as I have to do a lot more trips in my inflatable canoe before I start writing about the delights of paddling on the Broads.

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