Now it’s more than just a record

Regular readers of my blog will know that back in May, the factory where Alan Priddy’s round the world superboat Accomplish More┬áis being built was attacked by arsonists. The unit next to the one housing the boat was completely gutted, but at the time, we were led to believe that the boat itself had sustained no damage, and that therefore we could carry on with the construction. It was while the main fuel tank was being tested that Alan’s suspicions were aroused, and after a metallurgy inspection, it was confirmed that parts of the hull had lost up to 50% of its strength as a result of heating during the fire.

The news came as a real kick in the teeth, but the only option available to us was to scrap the boat and start again. With no further capacity at Micklewrights in Dudley, we had to look elsewhere for a boat-builder up to the task, and were fortunate to find ABC Marine on Hayling Island, conveniently just around the corner from Alan Priddy’s base of operations in Portsmouth. They specialise in building aluminium support boats for the offshore wind industry, and with considerably more manpower than we had in Dudley, they’ve said they can produce the hull and wheelhouse in an astonishing 12 weeks. We’ll still be doing the interior fit-out ourselves as originally planned, but the boat will now be scheduled to be in the water by Easter next year.

Of course, the original plan was for us to attempt the round the world record last year, and then as the schedule slipped, this year. We’d known about another planned attempt on the circumnavigation record by the American Ocean’s Quest team for some time, and we’ve been in contact with them over the last few months. Now they’ve challenged us to a race, and we’ve accepted! There’s still an awful lot of detail to sort out, not least another tier of sponsorship to cover the race organisation, but as it stands, the race between Britain and America will begin in November 2013.

It will be the first time ever that a powerboat race around the world has taken place (the current and previous record-holders simply raced against the clock), so without wishing to sound over-dramatic, what we are going to do is definitely one for the history books. And of course, we still aim to bring the circumnavigation world record back to Britain!

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