Few journalists have Clive Tully's breadth of experience in the world of adventure travel. He has covered the "normal" activities like rock climbing, caving, white water rafting, parapeinte, canyoning, and different grades of hiking and trekking.

But he has also been involved with mountaineering expeditions, including to Aconcagua - the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas - descending to the bottom of Windermere in a submersible, and riding a competition bobsleigh down the Olympic bob run in St Moritz.

Clive Tully in the skies over the Tirol with Rupert Plattner, a member of
Austria's 1995 world champion hang gliding team.

Here are just some of Clive's adventures.

Confronting Poseidon: taking on the one and only record ever established for circumnavigating the world in a powerboat

Khumbu: guest trekking in Nepal with Doug Scott

Husky sledging: Through Finland and Russia